Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day to Day

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update, we are all doing fine, im working all the time again but I did break down and take a personal day for this Sunday so I can go with my hubby to the Indianapolis Brickyard. The boys are doing good and JJ is back to work, his knee is healing from his little stunt over the 4th. Anyways we are all happy and enjoying summer...Peace.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jordan Update...

Just wanted to update everyone on how Jordan is doing, as you know he left for basic training about 3 weels ago, I recieved a letter from him yesterday and he seems to be doing well. He has passed his certification class to become a combat life saver he is also now certified as a field medic. He passed his Nuclear Biological Chemical training and will be going through the gas chamber on July 21st. He said he spends alot of time on the obstacle course and in combatives.

He sounds like it is getting a little easier and he said that they are not always getting yelled at like they did in the begining. JJ and I are so very proud of him...Peace.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Well

I am back to work after a wonderful 17 day vacation, I loved the time off, I felt as if I reconnected with my husband and my son's. Jordan my oldest left for basic training, it was kind of bitter sweet. He had so many problems through out high school and when he decided to enlist it was as if he did a complete 360 and started living his life and straightening up. It's hard to let go of any of your children but watching Jordan walk into that armory ripped my heart. He is my first born, he and I spent the first few years of his life with just the two of us. I felt it strange that my giving birth to him changed my life and made me clean up my act and now I was watching him better himself and clean up his act.
I will write more later...Peace.